Car Rentals in Cabo San Lucas

Car Rentals in Cabo San Lucas

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with your entire family or privately with your special someone in the most convenient manner by booking a car rental Cabo San Lucas. Pick from a range of categories, car options, and plans that suit your budget and travel needs best to make your getaway at this pristine locale a memorable one. Start your tour with the best car rental in Cabo San Lucas airport where you pick your car or van in accordance with your needs. Drive at your own pace and explore the breathtaking beauty of this Mexican delight that boasts a wonderful blend of sea and desert.

Zip through the tourist corridor of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo along serene beaches in total comfort and safety. Avoid the hassle of waiting for public transportation which is quite scarce here, in the heat and crowd. Go for a small or medium car if you are traveling solo or with a small family and wish to be economical. This is also a great way to beat the heavy traffic of the city and park easily. There are various other options like the large cars and SUVs if you want to go adventurous and long distance. Choose the luxury segment if you want to get around in style and enjoy this spectacular location in great comfort.

Rent Car Services in Cabo San Lucas

Book your car rental Cabo San Lucas with us to enjoy some of the best advantages and hassle free experience. Choose from a huge fleet of small, medium, or large cars and enjoy flexible rentals that let you change or cancel a booking free cost up to 48 hours before pick up. Enjoy the best prices with no hidden charges whatsoever and zip through the city with a clean, comfortable, and safe ride. From economy and standard cheap car rental Cabo San Lucas to convertibles and luxury vehicles, you can opt for a ride that suits your budget and traveling needs.

Why Should You Rent a Car in Cabo San Lucas Online?

Book your car rental Cabo San Lucas online and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo in a convenient and hassle-free way. Zoom along the shores of the Sea of Cortez and the Tourist Corridor without having to jostle for the rare public transport or waiting for a pick up. You can easily book from the comforts of your home or office and reap several benefits as you travel at your own pace. Make your payments through a mode that is most convenient for you as well as be assured of services on all days of the year. Moreover, you can get the advantage of flexible rentals and cancellations without any kind of additional charges. In case of emergencies on the road, you can also expect roadside assistance when you book your car rental Cabo San Lucas online.

Available Car Options to Rent in Cabo San Lucas


One of the easiest and economical ways to explore the breathtaking beauty of one of Mexico’s most exotic beach getaways is by choosing a cheap car rental Cabo San Lucas. Opt for a small car especially if you are travelling solo or with one or two other members. This can not only be extremely easy on your pocket but also easy to manoeuver and park. Small cars such as the Ford Focus or the Kia Rio are quite practical especially when you are traversing through the busy city streets.


The medium cars segment is yet another great choice especially if you are looking for comfortable as well as pocket friendly options. These cars are relatively big as compared to the small economical segment with good leg and head room as well as luggage space. They are also great for long distance driving and an ideal choice if you are traveling with family. You can choose from a range of cars such as the Toyota Corolla or the Ford Fusion Saloon.


The large cars segment is your perfect pick if you are traveling with your entire family and are looking for a comfortable ride. These cars are also great if you are looking at venturing out into the offbeat locations and going for long distance driving. You can go for the Hyundai Elantra that is not only large but also comes with great features such as a power-adjustable driver's seat, ambient interior lighting, a moonroof, and much more. Another option is the Dodge Avenger which is a 5 seater large car and can hold 2 large and a small bag.


Explore the scintillating beauty of this beach destination in extreme style and comfort by going for a luxury vehicle from the car rental Cabo San Lucas options. You can opt for the Chrysler 300 and enjoy features such as the dual zone automatic climate control and heated mirrors or the Nissan Maxima which boasts great power along with comfort and opulence. You can also choose to discover the beauty of Cabo San Lucas on an exhilarating and agile ride by going for the smooth Cadillac ATS.

People Carriers

If you are travelling in a large group, this is one of the best choice among all the car rental Cabo San Lucas options. You will find a wide range of choices here including seven, nine, and even twelve seta people carriers as well as mini vans. Pick a car that best suits your budget and you requirements from available options including a seven seater Dodge Grand Caravan or Toyota Sienna. If you are part of a larger group or need more luggage room you can go for the 12 seater Ford E350 or the Chevrolet Express.


One of the best options when you are looking for car rental Cabo San Lucas especially if you are planning to venture out into the wild or places that are off the beaten track. Choose a sturdy 4X4 or a rugged SUV that is ideal for your adventurous expeditions. There are several models that are available for you to pick from including the 5 seater Ford Escape or the Toyota RAV4. If you are looking for more power and mileage you can also opt for the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Know Before You Rent a Car in Cabo San Lucas

  • Minimum Age

    • The minimum age to drive a car in Cabo San Lucas is 18 years old.
  • Required Documents

    • Your credit card that has been issued by a banking institution
    • Your current and valid driver’s license
    • Your current official identification such as an INE or a passport
  • Enjoy a safe and comfortable transportation around this idyllic city of Cabo San Lucas with a car rental service.

  • Pick from a variety of cars from various segments including small, medium, large, premium, SUVs and people’s carriers.

  • Explore the spectacular tourist locations of Cabo San Lucas at your own pace without having to go through the hassle of the public transportation system.

  • Reap the maximum benefits by booking your car rental Cabo San Lucas such as free cancellations, insurance, unlimited mileage, multiple payment options, roadside assistance and much more.

  • Select your vehicle based on your interests, requirements, and budget

  • The minimum age of driving is 18 years old with a valid national or international driver's license

  • The driver's license and credit card for making the contract will have to be in the same name

  • Violation of the contract or any clause in it will make the coverage null and void

  • You will be charged on a 24 hour basis when renting a vehicle even if it is merely for hours

  • You need to return the vehicle at least one and a half hours before a national flight and two and a half hours before an international flight

  • If you lose or misplace the keys and damage the lock subsequently, total repair costs will be debited from you

  • In case of accidents, you must immediately report to the rental service with the contract number, vehicle plates, address or location which should be as accurate as possible. You will also have to remain of the scene until you receive further instructions

FAQ’s of Car Rental Cabo San Lucas

Is it worthwhile to rent a car while visiting Cabo San Lucas?

Opting for a car rental Cabo San Lucas is one of the best ways of going around the city when you are here either for vacation or business purposes. It not only helps you avoid jostling for the scarce public transports but also lets you enjoy your tour at your own pace and in accordance with your interests and budgets.

What different driving laws should I keep in mind while driving in cabo san lucas?

On Cabo San Lucas roads, the biggest vehicles have the right of way and be wary even when the signal turns green especially at intersections. Avoid driving outside city limits after dark and take care of red lights and seat belts at all times. Using a cell phone while driving is prohibited and you may be fined for it.

How much is it to rent a car in cabo san lucas?

You will be charged an average of $165 to $200 per day if you go for the national car rental cabo san lucas. However, the charges greatly vary based on the type of vehicle you choose.

Which car model is the most rented in cabo san lucas?

The busy streets of the city warrants the use of small cars that are easily manoeverable and park in tight spaces. Thus small automatic cars such as the Ford Focus or the Kia Rio are most rented in Cabo San Lucas.

How to book a car in cabo san lucas online ?

You can book a car in cabo san lucas online from the official website of the rental company. By booking online you can reap the maximum benefits and best prices and thus is the recommended way.


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