Top Attractions in Cabo San Lucas

The El Arco de Cabo San Lucas is the most iconic attraction in this Mexican city, consisting of stunning arch-shaped rocky formations. The enchantment and magic of these formations increase manifold at the time of sunset, with golden skies and waters in the setting. You can also visit a similar yet beautiful attraction - Pelican Rock Formation with a Cabo San Lucas tourist pass. Cabo San Lucas is home to a number of attractive beaches like the Medani Beach, Playa del Aor, Chileno Beach, Cabos San Lucas Bay and so on. For adventure-seekers, the Canyon Adventure Park and Marine Cabo San Lucas can do, where a range of adventurous activities are offered. With a Cabo San Lucas tourist pass, you can also visit the famous Mt. Solmar, which is famous for hiking and bushwalking.

Chileno Beach
Medano Beach
Marina Cabo San Lucas.webp
Marina Cabo San Lucas
Playa Del Amor
Mt. Solmar
cabo san lucas wild canyon
Wild Canyon Adventures
Santa Maria Beach
Bay of Cabo San Lucas
Pelican Rock
Divorce Beach
Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas

Day Trips in Cabo San Lucas

Book Cabo San Lucas day pass for an amazing day tour to the Mexican city of Cabo San Lucas, which is renowned for its beaches and rocky formations. For a respite from the crowded city of Cabo San Lucas, take a trip to the magical town of Todos Santos. Take a stroll in its cobblestone side streets, and browse in the amazing jewellery, boutique and souvenir shops. You can also visit its amazing golden beaches, animal sanctuaries, art galleries and so on.Remember to take a scenic boat ride to the Isle Espiritu Santo, where you can spend time exploring its amazing marine life, and play with sea lions and dolphins.

Visit Todos Santos Magic Town
Todos Santos City Tour
Experience at Isla Espiritu Santo
Cabo San Lucas City Tour

Crusing in Cabo San Lucas

One of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to indulge in cruise trips on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, with stunning turquoise waters and golden beaches in the scenery. You could go on a 4-hour snorkelling cruise trip and explore the beautiful underwater realm of Mexico. You could also enjoy a pirate themed evening cruise trip in Cabo San Lucas, with top notch dining, drinks and live entertainment. With a Cabo San Lucas day pass, don't miss the sights from a power catamaran with an open bar; guacamole, chips and salsa and fajita buffet. Also dance and indulge in fun activities.

Snorkeling patong beach
4-Hour Snorkeling Cruise
Luxury Sunset Cruise
Sunset Pirate Ship Cruise
Cabo Escape Sunset Fajita Cruise

Adventurous Activity in Cabo San Lucas

With your Cabo San Lucas day pass, plenty of opportunities for exciting and adventurous activities open up. The most famous adventurous park in Cabo San Lucas is the Wild Canyon, where you could take part in activities like monster ziplining, canyon jumping, bungee jumping and giant swings. You could also take part in kayaking, parasailing and snorkelling in the famous bays of Cabo San Lucas. Other thrilling activities you do are going on an adventurous desert ATV ride, an off-road UTV ride and the famous Sling Swinger thrill rides.

Desert ATV Adventure
Off-Road UTV Driving Experience
swing ride
Sling Swinger Thrill Ride
Zipline Experience in Cape Town
Monster Zipline in Wild Canyon
Bungee Jumping In London
Canyon Jump from Glass Floor
Parasailing Adventure in Los Cabos
Kayak & Snorkel in 2 Pristine Bays
Green Planet Dubai
Snorkeling and Sailing Experience

Why Should You Visit Cabo San Lucas?

Why Should You Visit Cabo San Lucas?
  • Whether it is partygoers, beach-lovers, shutterbugs, or nature enthusiasts, Cabo San Lucas is a fascination for all.
  • A coastal city in the Baja California Sur peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is one of the world's most loved tourist destinations.
  • The world's most elegant beaches and rock formations can be found here.
  • Medano, Lovers Beach, Chileno Beach and Santa Maria Beach are just a few in the list, with amazing landscapes and views.
  • You will also find the enchanting El Arco and Pelican Rocks, some of the most exquisite geological formations found on Earth, with mesmerising sunset views.
  • This famous Mexican City also boasts an amazing nightlife, with clubs and bars bustling with partying people including many celebrities.
  • With a Cabo San Lucas tourist pass, you’ll also find a number of places offering thrilling and action-packed water activities. The Marina of Cabo San Lucas offers some amazing activities like snorkelling, water sports, whale watching, swimming with dolphins and more.
  • Since it is a tropical city, the temperature and humidity are slightly high, although perfect for tourism.
  • In addition, you'll find direct flights to the Los Cabos International Airport making it extremely easy to reach here.

Plan Your Visit To Cabo San Lucas

How To Reach?
Best Time To Visit
How To Get Around?
Best Things To Do
How To Reach?
  • By Air
    The best way is by flying to Los Cabos International Airport, which is located close to the resorts. From there you can either board a bus, hire taxis or travel in your own rental car.

  • By Bus
    You can board a bus from Tijuana to La Paz, where you’ll have to change to one going towards Cabo San Lucas.

  • By Car
    Highway 1 connects Tijuana and Cabo San Lucas and runs along the coastal peninsula strip, offering an amazing scenic ride.

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What are the best City Tours in Cabo San Lucas?

    Some of the best city tours you can go for with a Cabo San Lucas day pass are Cabo San Lucas City Tour, Todos Santos City Tour and City Tour Todos Santos and Cerritos.

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